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Technology and Teaching Self-Control?

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Technology can be a double edge sword when it comes to raising children – especially in today’s age of technology existing and growing, everywhere. But when it comes to education, educators have found technology to be an extremely helpful resource from developing reading skills, assisting children with communication to academic supports.

Taking technology further, many apps developed recently aide students with their social emotional needs including self-control. Some of these apps encourage these students to “think before they act, to keep their emotions in check and stay focused on specific goals.”

Students more and more are encouraged to learn through technology because technology can make learning fun. When learning is fun, students are more likely to give it a try and stay engaged and focused on tasks and learning. With more and more distractions in and outside of the classroom, keeping students engaged and focused is more important than ever.

A student’s ability to regulate their emotions and self-control often sets the stage for how well a student will do in school, or on a given task or assignments. Before they can learn a skill, or information, they first must be willing and actively ready to learn or perform.

Too often a student’s emotions drive their behavior in or outside of a classroom and can often manifest as “maladaptive” or “distractive” behaviors that can otherwise be thought to be symptoms of attention disorders.

A tip we give parents who feel their child may benefit from these type of apps is twofold. First, we recommend that specific social emotional and behavioral assessments be conducted to determine the root of a child’s behaviors and what their needs social emotionally may be. Then, we recommend that an assistive technology assessment be conducted to determine what, if any, assistive devices or technology (apps) may be available to support those needs.

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