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Apr / 03

The Therapeutic Benefits of Residential Treatment Centers for Children [IEP 022]

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If you’ve wondered about the benefits of residential treatment centers for children but haven’t had the opportunity to really investigate whether these programs could be helpful for your child, then this is a great episode. We’re joined by Jamie Murphy and Angela Johnson from Solstice Residential Treatment Center in Utah. Full show transcript at the […]

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Jan / 16

The ABC’s of LGBTQ Rights Protections with LGBTQ Affirming Therapist Jamie Swanson [IEP 011]

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Show Notes How can we all become more aware and understanding of students who identify as LGBTQ? What can parents and schools do to become more inclusive? Joining us today is LGBTQ affirming therapist, Jamie Swanson, and she shares some insights on appropriate language to use and legal protections to be aware of. Full show […]

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