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Jul / 03

Establishing IEP Goals that are Clear, Appropriate, and Measurable [IEP 035]

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When you’re reviewing your child’s IEP goals, what should you be looking for to determine if they have been met? How can you tell if the goals are appropriate to begin with? Vickie and I discuss the importance of not only understanding IEP goals that are created for your child but also knowing how to […]

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Jun / 26

How to Keep Your Child Active and Engaged Over the Summer [IEP 034]

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Summer is upon us and for some students, that might mean an Extended School Year services. For others, it’s wide open for other possibilities and adventure. In this episode, we discuss the various options available for you and your family to keep your child engaged and motivated throughout the summer. Full show transcript at the […]

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Jun / 12

IEP Goals and Preparing for the Summer [IEP 032]

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The school year is coming to a close and the kiddos are getting ready for summer! How can you prepare your child’s IEP for the summer and new school year when there are potential transitions with teachers or schools? That’s we discuss in this episode. Full show transcript at the bottom of this post. What […]

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