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Apr / 10

What Families Should Know About Special Needs Trusts and Other Estate Planning Documents with Jill Hiraizumi-Artino and Peilin Ngo [IEP 023]

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Many believe that estate planning is something only wealthy families or the elderly should worry about, but that’s simply not true. There are many types of estate planning documents that help protect families of all sizes and procedures that guide the various needs of families, including special needs trusts, limited conservatorships, and trust creation. We’re […]

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Feb / 16

A Parent’s Perspective

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When working with children living with special needs it is always important to consider the perspective of a parent – and you’ll often see a diverse perspective from Parent to Parent. One Parent blogged about her perspective on diversity after having a child with down syndrome. Many have a certain preconceived notion about children with […]

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Feb / 15

Thinking Outside the Chair

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Sensory processing disorders can affect a child’s ability to learn in numerous ways – essentially, the student has difficulty processing information their senses take in – generally things like sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. But sensory processing disorders can affect the sense of body awareness, movement (balance and coordination) as well as an over […]

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Nov / 17

Art in Education

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Studies show us that there are plenty of cases where students learn to sing before they talk, can perform drama before they can make friends or can express their feelings in paint before verbally. These students teach us that a one size fits all learning model does not always work – and especially doesn’t always […]

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Nov / 16

Athletics and Special Education: More Than APE?

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Physical education plays an important role in every child’s development. Participation in school wide physical education increases physical and social growth for all students – including those living with special needs. Students not only benefit from the physical effects of physical education, but can achieve higher self-esteem, understanding of teamwork, sensory relief and better overall […]

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Sep / 27

Angelman’s Syndrome

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Angelman’s Syndrome is a severe neurogenetic disorder that shares symptoms and characteristics similar to autism, cerebral palsy, and Prader-Willi syndrome. According to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, misdiagnosis is often a prevalent problem. As a result, individuals may lose out on early intervention programs, resources, or life saving treatments. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is dedicated to […]

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Sep / 22


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Suspensions have long been a form of punishment for kids that display reckless behavior or have violated school policies. Suspensions can be on campus or off campus. There seems to be a bit of a gray area when it comes to suspending, or even disciplining children with special needs. When kids with special needs get […]

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