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Jan / 30

What You Need to Know About New Changes in CA Teacher Credentialing Programs [IEP 013]

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Many schools and teachers aren’t equipped for implementing full inclusion or mainstreaming. Recent changes in Ca Teacher Credentialing programs are helping improve and updating the credentialing requirements for both general and special education teachers. Full show transcript at the bottom of this post. What We Cover in this Episode: Why a shortage of special ed […]

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Nov / 11

Special Education and the Next Civil Rights Frontier for Human Rights [IEP 001]

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We’re going way back in today’s episode. We’re chatting about one of the most influential cases in American history that helped lay the foundation for our special education laws today.  We also discuss the importance of the language we use to describe children living with disabilities. What You’ll Learn in this Episode: How Brown v. […]

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Nov / 17

Art in Education

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Studies show us that there are plenty of cases where students learn to sing before they talk, can perform drama before they can make friends or can express their feelings in paint before verbally. These students teach us that a one size fits all learning model does not always work – and especially doesn’t always […]

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Oct / 06

Extended School Year

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Extended school year is a concept that not a lot of people know about. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act defines extended school year as special education and related services that are provided to a child with a disability beyond the normal school year of a public agency; in accordance with the child’s IEP; and […]

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Sep / 29


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A teacher by definition, is a person or thing that teaches something. Once kids enter school age, they will have multiple interactions with teachers of all sorts (grade teachers, peers, life). There is a specific group of teachers that are said to teach exceptional kids. These are special education teachers. They are responsible for teaching […]

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Sep / 02

iPads in Special Ed: What Does the Research Say?

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Although there has only been a small amount of studies done on the idea that iPads benefit overall classroom success, all of them point to YES! According to a recent study done in Los Angeles, not only did the implementation of the iPad in the classroom help the students overall absorption of information, but also […]

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