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Jun / 05

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Mind [IEP 031]

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A child’s mind is so powerful and its well-being should be of utmost importance. Yet, many kids who suffer from mental illness rarely receive the help and attention that they require. In this episode, we revisit the matter of mental health and illness since May was Mental Health Awareness Month, and we share our own […]

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May / 01

Providing Support and Care for an Adolescent with an Eating Disorder with Jen Teutscher and Anna Jones [IEP 026]

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Recognizing the existence of an eating disorder in an adolescent is important in providing necessary help and support. But what should parents and teachers be looking for to make the determination? And if a problem does exist, what’s the best way to start the dialogue with the adolescent about seeking help? These are certainly tough […]

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Mar / 20

Gun Violence, Mental Health, and Our Culture with Christopher Markelz [IEP 020]

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In this episode, we’re joined by attorney Christopher Markelz and we’re discussing gun control and gun violence in this country. We talk about whether or not teachers should be armed with guns, what the private sector can and should do in response to gun violence, and how the “Whatever It Takes” program is helping children […]

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Nov / 14

The Role of Mental Health in School Shootings [IEP 003]

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Mental health issues are serious concerns that face many students in our school systems, and the correlation between mental health issues and school shootings might surprise you. What are our schools doing to better equip themselves to deal with students who may show signs of mental health problems, especially if those problems eventually lead to […]

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