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Sep / 04

What Does “Consent” Mean When It Comes to IEPs – Assessments and Releases (Part II) [IEP 044]

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If your child’s school requires you to sign a Release of Information, should you do it? Is it an all-or-nothing type of release? It all depends! In this episode, we discuss the circumstances surrounding consenting to a Release of Information and then, withdrawing consent (if you wish). We also talk about what you should look […]

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Aug / 28

Agree or Disagree: What Does “Consent” Mean When It Comes to IEPs? (Part I) [IEP 043]

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When you’re reviewing your child’s IEP, what sections require special attention, and how important is the consent page? What are the parents’ rights in terms of making changes to the IEP? In this episode, we discuss the importance of fully understanding the language written in the IEP and how to modify the IEP if needed. […]

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Jul / 03

Establishing IEP Goals that are Clear, Appropriate, and Measurable [IEP 035]

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When you’re reviewing your child’s IEP goals, what should you be looking for to determine if they have been met? How can you tell if the goals are appropriate to begin with? Vickie and I discuss the importance of not only understanding IEP goals that are created for your child but also knowing how to […]

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Jun / 12

IEP Goals and Preparing for the Summer [IEP 032]

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The school year is coming to a close and the kiddos are getting ready for summer! How can you prepare your child’s IEP for the summer and new school year when there are potential transitions with teachers or schools? That’s we discuss in this episode. Full show transcript at the bottom of this post. What […]

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Feb / 15

Thinking Outside the Chair

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Sensory processing disorders can affect a child’s ability to learn in numerous ways – essentially, the student has difficulty processing information their senses take in – generally things like sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. But sensory processing disorders can affect the sense of body awareness, movement (balance and coordination) as well as an over […]

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Jan / 11

Happy New Year! Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

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Now that the new year has come, are you and your child ready to return to school after winter break? A transition back from a long winter break can often be just as challenging as starting a new school year – is your child ready to transition back? More importantly, is your IEP team ready […]

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Holiday Pre-Game Winter Market Benefitting Inclusive Education Project
Nov / 05

Winter Market Benefitting the Inclusive Education Project

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Our first annual Holiday Market! The ultimate holiday pre-game! Get shopping done EARLY and participate in a ton of family friendly holiday activities! Proceeds to benefit the Inclusive Education Project.

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Oct / 06

Extended School Year

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Extended school year is a concept that not a lot of people know about. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act defines extended school year as special education and related services that are provided to a child with a disability beyond the normal school year of a public agency; in accordance with the child’s IEP; and […]

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Sep / 08

Classroom Observations

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Does a parent have the right to observe their child in a special or general ed classroom? Can the advocate or members of the IEP team accompany them in the observation? Members of the Education Law Center in Pennsylvania reached out to the Office of Special Education Programs in the Department of Education and asked […]

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