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Apr / 17

Unlocking Academic Potential Through Non-Traditional Learning Settings With Robin Podway and Lauren Reveley [IEP 024]

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Traditional schools are not for everyone. For many students, being in a non-traditional learning setting is much more effective and accommodating to the way they learn. We’re joined by Robin Podway and Lauren Reveley from Fusion Academy Private School. Fusion Academy is a revolutionary private high school that offers one-to-one teaching where students can flourish […]

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Mar / 27

The Role of Curiosity and Agility in Education, Career, and Politics with Michael Kotick [IEP 021]

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We’re joined by Michael Kotick, Congressional candidate from California’s 48th District. Michael has built his career on turning large bureaucratic businesses around and helping them become more efficient. Now, he is running for Congress and hopes to bring that same vigor to the government. Full show transcript at the bottom of this post. What We […]

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Dec / 01

Like A Sponge

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You’ve probably heard the phrase that ‘a child’s brain is like a sponge’ – but do you truly understand what that means, and how important those early years for a child’s development are? Sure, most people advise new parents to read to their child, and talk to them – that those tools help the child’s […]

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Nov / 09

Lacking Mental Health Training

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Despite the fact that a teacher is one of the first lines of defense for mental illness for a student, most do not receive appropriate training to identify and support these needs. “The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in five children has or will have a severe mental health disorder.” Yet a […]

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