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Providing equal access to education for children with special needs is not something that just affects the 14% of the juvenile population that are classified as having special needs but it also affects our communities.

Education equality is the civil rights issue of our time and together we can make equal access to an appropriate education a reality for children living with special needs. IEP’s mission is to sponsor pro bono legal services to children with special needs. Additionally, it is our goal to spread awareness on the challenges the special needs community faces on a daily basis. Lastly, we provide important information about special education to those who need it through various workshops we provide.


The goal of the Inclusive Education Project is to provide families tools they can use to empower and enrich the lives of their special needs children. IEP provides workshops which range from basics about special education law to tips to use when advocating on behalf of child with special needs.


As a nonprofit organization, our efforts are supported by generous donors, friends, and families who share our vision of children with disabilities accessing an equal opportunity for an appropriate education. One of the ways we provide you an opportunity to help support our cause is through our philanthropic events. Please check out our calendar for upcoming events where you can support our mission.

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Donor contributions go to fund community presentations which help educate and empower families to advocate on behalf of their children living with special needs. Additionally, donor contributions fund pro-bono sponsorship of low income families who require legal aide. Donor contributions flow directly to students living with disabilities and their families who fight for the right to a free and appropriate public education.