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Like A Sponge

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You’ve probably heard the phrase that ‘a child’s brain is like a sponge’ – but do you truly understand what that means, and how important those early years for a child’s development are?

Sure, most people advise new parents to read to their child, and talk to them – that those tools help the child’s brain really soak up as much as possible in those oh so important years. But what else should we be advising parents about pre-school and early education?

Pre-school and early education can jump start a child’s educational development and prepare them for success in school – and in some cases put the child ahead of the pack in early academic areas.

A recent study from the University of Missouri College of Education has “found that, on average, children who completed preschool make large improvements in their alphabet recognition skills compared to children that have just begun school. […] the study indicated that alphabet recognition has been shown to be one of the strongest and most reliable predictors of reading ability and on average, the more letters children can recognize and identify at an early age, the better their future reading achievement and the lower the risk of academic failure.”

So go on and teach your children their ABC’s as early as you can!

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