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Healthy Families, Resilient Children: Mental Health is a Family Affair.

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In addition to Mental Health Awareness month in May, there is a week this month dedicated specifically to children’s mental health. This year, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week fell on May 1st-May 7th. The National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (FFCMH) announced that this year’s theme is “Healthy Families, Resilient Children: Mental Health is a Family Affair.”
FFCMH has the primary goal of bringing education and awareness to the nation of the importance of prevention and early identification of mental health challenges. Their goal is to make the nation as well as policy makers aware that healthy families are integral in the mental health development of their children. They aim to suggest that policies be enacted that provide full support to the family unit as a whole in order to promote strong and positive mental health development for children.
The FFCMH uses a Green Ribbon campaign in order to spread awareness of their cause and promote unity and hope in the celebration of children and healthy families. Early detection and prevention of mental illness in children is essential to the mental illness platform, and awareness to specific issues surrounding children is much needed.

To learn more about Children’s Mental Health Awareness week and how to get involved, or other educational resources, please visit:

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