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Happy New Year! Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

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Now that the new year has come, are you and your child ready to return to school after winter break? A transition back from a long winter break can often be just as challenging as starting a new school year – is your child ready to transition back? More importantly, is your IEP team ready to facilitate a successful transition back?

Hopefully you have been able to provide your child some consistency during winter break to allow for a smooth transition back to school. With the joy, stress and busy schedules that come with the holidays it is important to remember some consistency and routines with our students during this break.

When they return to school, it is equally important to keep to routine and schedules to transition students back to their academic rigor. We recommend that Parents speak to their students’ teacher and IEP team prior to the first day back (or if this is not possible, the first day back) to ensure that the team is prepared for this transition (especially if the student has difficulty with transitions). Are all of the students supports in place, are modifications prepared and is the team ready to guide the student back into their day to day routine?

These are all important questions to ask your child’s teacher and IEP team right away – rather than waiting until a month of school has passed, and an unsuccessful transition has derailed your child’s progress.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an IEP meeting within this first month back to check in and make sure your child is still on track. Also remember that how the student transitions back after winter break will set the stage for their eligibility for extended school year (ESY) supports and services. Just because a set plan for the upcoming ESY session has been laid out at the previous annual IEP, doesn’t mean you can’t adjust it as needed.

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