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Art in Education

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Studies show us that there are plenty of cases where students learn to sing before they talk, can perform drama before they can make friends or can express their feelings in paint before verbally. These students teach us that a one size fits all learning model does not always work – and especially doesn’t always work for students living with disabilities.

The arts play an integral role in the education of students living with disabilities because it gives them an outlet to learn and explore without the hurdles of traditional education. Students can use alternative intelligences to reading, writing and arithmetic through the arts to express their feelings, explore their gifts and reach their true potential.

Research shows that a learning environment including the arts increases student achievement across all subject areas, including social and adaptive skills. The arts provides for a multi-sensory approach to learning that many student crave.

Many people know how they personally learn best – taking notes, making flashcards, listening to books on tape, etc. Students living with disabilities often must explore additional methods to enhance learning opportunities and the arts has proven to provide them an outlet, along with reducing the stress of learning through hurdles.

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