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Often the term special education brings to mind a segregated classroom of children with disabilities who are educated using a different curriculum than those children without disabilities. While this may be true in some cases, the truth of the matter is that special education comes in numerous methods and modalities.

“Equal access to education can enrich their lives and help them reach their potential.” In the simplest of terms, special education refers to allowances that can be made in the traditional education system to help students with disabilities access and process the school curriculum. These allowances can be anything from specialized classes and services (such as speech and language or occupational therapy) to accommodations such as more time on tests and homework. Globally, education is the accepted method for how we prepare our children for the future as individuals and citizens. While not all children with special needs may be able to live their lives as independent adults, equal access to education can enrich their lives and help them reach their potential.

The ultimate goal of special education is to assist those children with special needs to achieve an education that is equivalent to their peers. It is not about “equal results” from that education, but equal access to it. The Inclusive Education Project is passionate about assisting children with special needs in securing that equal access to the education that they are entitled to under the law.

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Donor contributions go to fund community presentations which help educate and empower families to advocate on behalf of their children living with special needs. Additionally, donor contributions fund pro-bono sponsorship of low income families who require legal aide. Donor contributions flow directly to students living with disabilities and their families who fight for the right to a free and appropriate public education.