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A Parent’s Perspective

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When working with children living with special needs it is always important to consider the perspective of a parent – and you’ll often see a diverse perspective from Parent to Parent.

One Parent blogged about her perspective on diversity after having a child with down syndrome.

Many have a certain preconceived notion about children with special needs, especially those with down syndrome – molded by the media, unknowledgeable people and those who are ill-informed. What is important to remember is that EVERY child is unique and special in their own way and should never be put into a box or category on their face.

More info: https://themighty.com/2017/02/down-syndrome-diversity/

  • this is really good, it have actually solved some academic problems for me. thanks for making your work available on net it s really necessary to have inclusive education in everywhere so that the children having disabilities will live their life normally and happily.

    • Thank you for following, we are happy to spread this knowledge and glad to hear you benefited from it, it is so important for inclusive education everywhere.

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